Persian Sufi- Khwaja Abdullah Ansari was born today

04 May 2020  Mon

On 4th May 1006, the renowned Iranian scholar, poet, and mystic, Khwaja Abdullah Ansari, was born in Heart, a province in western Afghanistan. He is also known as Pir-i Heart (Sage of Heart). He was a commentator of the Qur'an, a compiler of hadith, and spiritual master, known for his oratory and poetic talents in Arabic and Persian.

Abdullah practiced the Hanbali school of Sunni jurisprudence. He wrote several books on Islamic mysticism and philosophy in Persian and Arabic. He excelled in the knowledge of Hadith, history, and ?ilm al-and. His poems are the thoughts of an intimate dialog of the soul with God in form of Monologs.

He passed away in 481 AH. The Shrine of Khwaja Abd Allah, built during the Timurid dynasty, is a popular pilgrimage site. His portrayed featured on the stamp join issued by Tajikistan, Iran, and Afghanistan in 2010.

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