Columbian Banknote Featuring Earth

22 Apr 2020  Wed

As of December 2, 1996, the 20,000 Columbian Pesos banknote was put into circulation, thereby paying tribute to one of the most important scientists in the country: Julio Garavito Armero.

As the main character, there is a portrait of Professor Julio Garavito Armero on the right side of the bill along with an image of the moon in the middle which reflects the Selenite accidents. The International Astronomical Union baptized in honor of the Colombian scientist. The inscription phrase "BANCO DE LA REPÚBLICA" could be seen at the top and below it was the phrase "TWENTY THOUSAND PESOS". The denomination in numbers "20,000" is on the bottom center.

The reverser depicts an image of the earth as seen from the moon, which was one of the first shots of the late 1960s with several Euclidean geometric figures used by the scientist Garavito for his mathematical calculations in the background along with the image of the Astronomical Observatory of Bogota. The denomination in letters "TWENTY THOUSAND TPESOS" and in numbers "20,000" is at the top center.

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