Jean Baptiste Perrin Death Anniversary

17 Apr 2020  Fri

Jean Baptiste Perrin Death Anniversary Jean Baptiste Perrin, who died in New York on the 17 April 1942, had been Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Paris for about thirty years. He made valuable contributions to the knowledge of atomic physics.

Born in Lille, France, on September 30, 1870, Perrin raised, along with two sisters, by his widowed mother. He received the degree of “docteur es sciences” in 1897 for a thesis on cathode and Rontgen rays and was appointed, in the same year, to a readership in physical chemistry at the Sorbonne, University of Paris. He became Professor here in 1910.

Jean-Baptiste Perrin was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1926 "for his work on the discontinuous structure of matter, and especially for his discovery of sedimentation equilibrium." His work with Brownian motion verified Albert Einstein’s theory and confirmed the atomic nature of matter.

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