Plesiosauria – the Prehistoric Beast on Mongolia Coins

17 Apr 2020  Fri

Since 2018, CIT Coin Invest has been issuing its series “Prehistoric Beasts”. The third release in CIT Coin Invest’s Prehistoric Beasts series is the Plesiosaur de Blainville. The Plesiosaur is the first marine animal featured in the series.

The Plesiosaur lived during the Triassic and Jurassic period starting about 200 million years ago and spanned a period of nearly 140 million years before they became extinct about 66 million years ago. With its streamlined body, strong flippers, and rows of sharp teeth paired with one of the strongest jaws of the era, they were the perfect sea predators.

The Plesiosaur is featured on this large 65 mm 3 oz silver colorized proof. One side presents the fossilized skeleton of a plesiosaur; below in italics Plesiosauria, Blainville, 1835; in block letters Mesozoic era. The other side features the coat of arms of the Bank of Mongolia, below in Cyrillic script 2,000 Togrog. In the exergue in Latin script MONGOLIA 3 oz .999 SILVER.

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