5 Things Collectors Should Never Do to Precious Coins

13 Apr 2020  Mon

Precious coins have a significantly higher pure metal content and are purchased and held for their rarity and beauty. It’s not uncommon that new collectors are unaware of the damage that can be done to gold and silver coins. Hopefully, with this article, new collectors can learn what they should never do to precious coins.

1. Do not clean precious coins: To maintain their brilliance and beauty of design, coins should never be cleaned. It’s natural for coins to become a bit discolored over time, but if stored properly, this should happen less often. Even when there is some discoloration that is not a by-product of dirt and other impurities but is simply a by-product of age. If collectors attempt to clean their coins, they could not only damage some of the metal content but could devalue the coin.

2. Do not handle precious coins without proper gloves: One of the best and easiest ways to keep oils, dirt, and grime away from precious metals coins is to minimize the handling of them. If handling coins does become necessary, always use the proper type of hand covering, such as soft cotton gloves. In addition, it’s always best to hold coins by their edges rather than the face in order to preserve the design details.

3. Store them using safe materials: Properly storing precious coins is a practice that every collector should be aware of. When storing coins, always make sure the materials being used for storage are safe to use for those coins. Some materials used for storage may contain chemicals that can cause spotting, discoloration or other damage. The ideal containers for precious metals coins are PVC-free boxes, flips, and capsules. Best types of accessories are available in Mintage World online store.

4. Do not expose precious coins to elements: Precious coins should always be securely stored and never exposed to elements such as humidity, sunlight or extreme temperatures. It is always best to store coins in PVC-free flips and boxes in a temperature-controlled, dark place. Locations such as safes, coin cabinets, and bank safety deposit boxes are ideal locations.

5. Do not remove precious coins from its holders: Highly maintained and graded coins will come in specifically designed plastic containers. Coins in this category are highly sought and are sealed inside their containers to preserve their condition. In order to maintain their graded value, collectors should never open these plastic containers and expose the coin. Finally, any certification or paperwork that accompanies such coins should be kept in excellent condition as well, without tears, folds and water damage.

Image Courtesy: The Jewish Press

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