First Stamps of Serbia

02 Apr 2020  Thu

The Republic of Serbia is a landlocked country situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe. The first definitive Serbia stamps were issued during 1866.

This was a crucial time in Serbian history. Serbia had been a semi-independent principality within the Ottoman Empire since 1804. They expelled the last of the Ottoman troops from their territory and declared their independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1867.

Early Definitive stamps Serbia are crude in design; however, they do offer possibilities for philatelic specialization. There are paper, printing, and separation varieties on many of the stamps issued between 1866 and 1904. The two common designs featured the Coat of Arms of Serbia and the portrait of Prince Mihailo III Obrenovic.

The stamps with Coat of arms come with 1 and 2 Serbian paras and depict the coat of arms in the center in a colored round vignette with the denomination at the bottom.

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