Hippocampus on Roman coins

28 Feb 2020  Fri

Hippocampus or Hippocampi is a phenomenal and legendary mythical animal of Phoenician, Etruscan, Pictish, Roman, and Greek mythology. This animal is commonly known as sea-horse and the name is originated from Greek mythology. This marine mythical creature is depicted typically with an upper-body of a horse and lower body of a fish.

The above show image depicts the reverse side of the Roman republic silver (AR) serrate denarius of moneyer Q. Crepeeius M.F. Rocus issued between 69 BCE to 72 BCE. The reverse side depicts the Roman god Neptune holding the reign of Hippocampus biga and ridding towards the right with brandishing a trident. Above it ‘I’ is illustrated and below legend ‘Q.CREPER.M.F/ROCVS’ is inscribed.

The bronze Antoninianus of Gallienus features the mythical hippocampus on the reverse issued in circa A.D 267-268. One of the outstanding depictions of the Hippocampi on Greco-Roman Mosaic of C 3th AD depicting Neptune on Hippocampi chariot.

Image Courtesy: cointalk.com

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