Copper coin of Rastrakuta dynasty

15 Feb 2020  Sat

The origin of Rashtrakuta is traced to 600 CE, they established their stronghold in Deccan in the later period and simultaneously extended their power till Kannauj, making them the part of the famous tripartite struggle. This dynasty is the most studied and explored by historians for their warfare, expansion, administration, and trade. Yet the subject of Rashtrakuta coinage is not explored on a large scale due to a few variables and types of coins available.

The above-shown coin was issued by the Rashtrakuta feudatory king Madhavvarma. The obverse of this coin depicts a horse is prancing towards the right with a rider/king holding a spear in right and rein in the left hand within the dotted border. The reverse of the coin depicts three letters characteristic Brahmi legend is inscribed in the center. It reads ' Sri Mu/Mha Va/Dha' within the dotted border.

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