India Post honors Mathew M. Kuzhiveli

13 Dec 2019  Fri

India Post has issued a commemorative postage stamp in memory of M.M. Kuzhiveli on 22nd November 2019. He was an educational expert, a teacher, and president of the publications department of the Kerala University.

Mathew M. Kuzhiveli was born on 20th April 1905 at Pala in the Kottayam District of Kerala. After completing his primary and secondary education at his native place, he acquired an L.T. Degree from the Government Training College, Thiruvanthapuram. He contributed to Malayalam children’s literature.

Kuzhiveli was the publisher of the first encyclopedia in Malayalam ‘Vijnanam’. He published more than 300 books in Children’s literature through his publishing house named “Balan Publications”. These books were instrumental in enlightening the young minds with patriotism, respect for teachers, love for parents and above all their character formation.

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