Mooseheart Cinderella

21 Nov 2019  Thu

Issued in the year 1974, the Mooseheart Cinderellas were mistakenly used as a postage stamp. The Mooseheart Cinderella was the fund-raising label from the Christmas season of 1974 in support of the Mooseheart childcare facility of Illinois.

The three 1974 Christmas stamps the Angel, Currier, and Ives and the Dove Weather Vane atop Mount Vernon were issued during the same time These 1974 stamps were commemorative-size and colorful, so perhaps it should not be a surprise that an obvious Christmas-themed cinderella (a postage stamp look-alike) could pass on the 1974 cover.

The label was inscribed “Merry Christmas – Mooseheart Children.” The person who used the label on the envelope shown in Figure 2 probably didn’t realize it was not a valid postage stamp. And in the high-volume Christmas rushes, the Postal Service didn’t notice.

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