British Guiana 4c black on Magenta offers USD 100,000

12 Nov 2019  Tue

A large and diverse sale is conducted by Robert A Sigel that contains a great range of interesting stamps and covers from around the world featuring several important collections such as a renowned Doctors collection of Great Britain Line-Engraved Issues selected worldwide rarities from the collection of Ambassador J. William Middendorf II etc. One of the most awaited items from this sale is the famous British Guiana Black on Magenta.

According to the auction house, there are only seven unused examples of the 1856 cent black on either paper shades. There is confusion between stamp due to the different paper shades that are listed for 4c- Black on Magenta and Black on Rose Carmine. It happened due to the delicate nature of the paper.

This stamp is not the only rarity in British Guiana but also in the world philately. The auction house has estimated to fetch $100,000 or more for this masterpiece.

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Image Courtesy: Findyourstampvalue

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