Valentinian III is elevated as Roman emperor

23 Oct 2019  Wed

Valentinian III was the Western Roman Emperor reigning from 425 to 455. He elevated as Roman emperor at the age of six on 23rd October 425. His reign was marked by the ongoing collapse of the Western Empire.

The only son of Flavius Constantius and Galla Placidia, Valentinian was born on 2nd July 419 in the western capital of Revanna. In the early years of his reign, Valentinian was overshadowed by his mother. After his marriage in 437, moreover, much of the real authority laid in the hands of the Patrician and Master of Soldiers Aetius.

The above shown Solidus minted in Thessalonica to celebrate Valentinian III's marriage to Licinia Eudoxia, daughter of the Eastern Emperor Theodosius II. On the reverse, the three of them in their wedding costume.

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