The Not So Common Coins

22 Oct 2019  Tue

Did you know that a faulty coin can make you super-rich? This was proven when recently a 5c piece from 2007 by Australian Royal Mint was sold for $3500.

This coin that incorrectly had the Queen’s head on both sides of the coin was sold for thousands. This mistake was named a “double-obverse”.

Some other noteworthy mistakes include, coins being clipped during the minting process or other errors in the stamping of the coin.

For example, a $1 piece in 2000 was accidentally stamped with the head from a 10c piece. The head side was slightly smaller, so it gave a double-ring effect.

A more common mistake is a kangaroo on the $1 coin appearing to have rabbit ears. These coins can be worth about $30.

Image Courtesy: Australian Post

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