Bohemond VII died today

19 Oct 2019  Sat

Bohemond VII was the count of Tripoli and the nominal prince of Antioch from 1275 to his death on 19th October 1287. The only part left of the once-great Principality of Antioch was the port of Latakia. He spent much of his reign at war with the Templars.

He was born to Bohemond VI of Antioch and his wife Sibylla of Armenia. As Bohemond VII was still underage at his succession, Sibylla acted as regent, although the regency was also unsuccessfully claimed by Hugh I of Jerusalem, Bohemond's closest living male relative.

Silver coin issued during the reign of Bohemond VII (1275–1287). The obverse of a coin depicts the Castle in a twelve-foil while, the reverse of a coin engraved Cross. This coin weighs exactly the same as the French 'gros tournois'. These intricate and beautiful coins were not long in circulation until Tripoli was surrendered to the Mamluks in 1289 and thus, were the last coins to be struck in the 'crusader states'.

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