National Mother's Day of Belarus

14 Oct 2019  Mon

Mother's Day is celebrated in most countries of the world, although its date varies from country to country. For example, Belarusians celebrate the holiday dedicated to mothers on October 14.

There was no such holiday like Mother's Day in the Soviet Union; mothers received congratulations on March 8 (International Women's Day) instead. After the dissolution of the USSR, many former Soviet Republics started to celebrate Mother's Day in addition to International Women's Day. The Day of 14th October was officially designated as Mother's Day in Belarus in 1996.

Belarusian Mother's Day was officially established by President Alexander Lukashenko in 1996. The date of October 14 was chosen because it coincides with the Intercession of the Theotokos, a feast of the Mother of God celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Although Mother's Day is a working holiday, it is widely celebrated throughout the county. The day is marked with official ceremonies aimed at recognizing the significant role mothers play in Belarusian society. Children congratulate their mothers on the holiday, giving them handmade gifts and greeting cards.

The stamp shown above is a 10 Belarusian ruble stamp issued in the year 1993. Though not issued to celebrate the mother’s day, the stamp depicts Straw Figures of a mother and child. The stamp depicts the straw figure in the center with the name of the country and the denomination along with the year of issue at the top.

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