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Doors on Stamps

Doors or an entrance is developed for the smooth administration and trade. The first innovation of fortified city or fort was introduced for protection. All over the world, there are numerous examples of the advance fort and fortified towns. India has a long history of forts; the Shisunaga Gadh fort is one of the first forts of India. One of the best examples of the ancient fort is the fort of Rajgruha. Many literary sources elaborate on the fundamental structure of forts but the most important is given to the doors. Continue reading Chronicle’s of Mammoth Doors on Stamps – II

handicrafts on stamps

Despite rapid social and technological changes in India, the use of craft products is an integral aspect of an Indian’s social life.  Handicraft aims at processing materials by hand with hand tools. The result of this can be a useful thing or a decorative item. The tradition of making handicrafts is deeply frozen in the social norms of Indian society. In any of the handmade products, a crafter transfers an aspect of their cultural heritage to the ideas, forms, material and manufacturing process of the craft. Continue reading Traditional craft of India: Handicrafts on Stamps Part II