Which Scientist to be Featured on New £50 banknote?

15 Jul 2019  Mon

The Bank of England is soon going to release the designs for new £50 banknotes. The note is going to depict a legendary scientist and citizens were asked to send in their nominations. The nomination period was open for six weeks which ended in December. During this period, the bank received 227,299 nominations.

989 scientists were chosen out of the nominations based on the criteria that they are real, are not alive and have contributed in the field of science in the UK. They could have specialised in any stream such as astronomy, biology, biotechnology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medical research, physics, technology or zoology.

The nominations and their contributions are being analysed by the Banknote Character Advisory Committee. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney will reveal the final decision and concept design for the new note.

Just like other notes in the new series, the latest £50 note will also be made from polymer. Polymer notes are much more durable than paper notes which will reduce printing as well as replacement costs.

The £50 note which is currently in circulation was introduced in 2011. It depicts great leaders of the industrial revolution, Matthew Boulton and James Watt.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

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