5-Star Generals Commemorative 5 Dollar

11 Jul 2019  Thu

The United States of America had issued this gold five dollars commemorative coin with the theme of 5 State Generals in the year 2013.

The 5 Star Generals was established in the year 1881; The Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) had played a decisive role in the education and training of officers in times of war and peace. They teach students the skills which are required for battle management, leadership development, and the most modern and effective command and staff action procedures.

This commemorative coin was issued to honour the place, person and events. The surcharges of this commemorative coin will be used as a fund to help a variety of organization and in projects that benefits the public. This commemorative coin is available only from the mints United States of America for the limited period of time and they are specified by public law.

The obverse of this five dollar depicts the portrait of General Douglas MacArthur with the 5-star insignia on the right side of the design. The reverse of this coin depicts Leavenworth Lamp, the symbol of the CGSC.

Image Courtesy: usmint.gov

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