Iconic City? Agra and Mughal Empire

11 Jul 2019  Thu

Agra had a rich historical background; this is proven by the numerous monuments in and around the city. It is the city home of some of the most historical monument in the world. It is the city which also holds a rich historical background and a strong cultural heritage. The reference of Agra can also be seen in an epic reference like Mahabharata. In Mahabharata, Agra is mentioned as ‘Agravana’ and ‘Arya Griha’ which means the abode of the Arya.

During the medieval period, Agra was also ruled by the Muslim ruler of Delhi Sultanate. It came under the rule of Mughal Empire when Babur invaded Agra in the year 1526 CE after killing Ibrahim Lodhi, the last Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate in the first battle of Panipat and laid the foundation of Mughal dynasty. Babur stayed here for some time and introduced the concept of square Persian-styled gardens. Akbar builds here Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri near Agra. Mughal Emperor Jahangir had also played a vital role in beautifying Agra by building palaces and gardens. Emperor Shah Jahan had beautified Agra by building a marvelous building like Taj Mahal which is marked as the zenith of Mughal architecture.

This gold mohur was issued by Mughal Emperor Akbar during the Hijri Year 981 from the mint Agra.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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