Vellore Mutiny

2019-07-10 Wed

July 10th marks one of the most important dates in Indian history because, on this day in the year 1806, The Vellore of mutiny broke out against the British by south Indian soldiers at Vellore. It marked the first-ever large scale and violent mutiny by Indian sepoys against East India Company.

This revolt was caused due to various attributes; these sepoys were forced to serve the company’s army. The new weapons, methods, uniforms, strict discipline and practices appeared difficult for the soldiers who were well-settled in their old ways. Lord William Bentinck, the Governor of Madras at that time gave permission to introduce a new turban which resembled the European hat. Wearing of cast marks and earrings were also prohibited. They were even asked to shave and trim their moustache.

The result of that, on the midnight of 10th July 1806, a crowd gathered, sepoys mixed with them led by one of Tipu’s son, massacred the European and hoisted the flag of the Mysore Sultanate. The defiance was very brief and lasted only one full day but it was very brutal. The mutiny was subdued by dawn, but it sends ripples of fear among the British overlords, as the first sign of losing an empire.

To remember this major act of defiance, India Postal Department has issued a commemorative stamp of 500 Paise in 2006.

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