US Stamps Celebrate State and County Fairs

2019-07-06 Sat

On 25th July, the USPS will be releasing a set of four non-denominated forever stamps in a pane of 20, titled “State and County Fairs”. The first-day ceremony will be organised at the North Dakota State Fair. A single scene from a Fair is illustrated across four se-tenant stamps which are a part of the Americana series. They are illustrated by artist Mick Wiggins and designed by Mike Ryan, along with USPS art director Greg Breeding.

The first stamp features happy farmers unloading different types of fruits and vegetables like watermelon, apples, corn, pumpkins etc. The second stamp depicts a girl holding a rooster, with a pig and a goat in the background. It shows a portion of the Ferris wheel and a carousel, two of which are a horse and a reindeer. Two white birds and a biplane can be seen in the sky. The Ferris wheel is spread across the 2nd and 3rd stamps. The 3rd stamp shows people at the fair eating snacks like ice cream, cotton candy or holding balloons. A man is holding a dart aiming at balloons at a booth game. The fourth stamp shows children having delicious food like baked pie, candied apples on a stick at the Candy shop. A popcorn machine and a display case with a big pie can be seen in the scene too. A black cancel and a colourful cancel may be offered on first-day covers. The black one is shaped like a pig and a rooster, attached to a weather vane. The coloured one depicts a mother and child holding balloons.

County fairs and state fairs have livestock, agricultural and creative competitions like handicrafts and cooking. Children compete to win prizes or sell livestock. People enjoy rides, games, food, social activities, entertainment and a lot more at fairs. County fairs are organised every year mostly during the summers while state fairs are organised after summer. It is believed that the first fair of the US was organised on 29th and 30th September 1841 in Syracuse New York. Almost 10 to 15 thousand people attended this fest, which had animal exhibits, a ploughing contest, sale of goods, speeches etc.

Image Courtesy: The USPS