Rare Alexandria ‘Blue Boy’ Cover Sold for $1.18 Million

28 Jun 2019  Fri

H.R. Harmer auctioned the famous Alexandria Blue Boy cover for $1.18 million on 22nd June at the Collectors Club in New York City. The cover comes with the only example of a 5¢ black on blue type I postmaster’s provisional stamp from Alexandria, Va. that was issued in 1846 and 1847. The item was auctioned publically for the first time in 1967. It received a single bid of $1 million this time and was sold along with an 18 per cent commission. It belonged to a collection of U.S. and Confederate States philatelic material that was put together by the German-born businessman Erivan Haub.

A stamp auctioneer from Switzerland named David Feldman had sold the 1847 Blue Boy cover “by tender” for $1 million on 8th May 1981, creating a record for a stamp. The stamp on the offered cover has a fresh shade. It is cut accurately, almost touching the outer design. It is cancelled by clear straight line ‘Paid,’ with a similar strike at left and ‘Alexandria D.C. Nov. 25’ town cancel. The cover has been restored and features some sealed tears and other small problems.

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Image Courtesy: H.R. Harmer Sale

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