Latest Royal Mint Coin Honours Yeoman Warders

22 Jun 2019  Sat

The Royal Mint recently released a new coin featuring Yeoman Warders, who guarded the Tower of London and its collections for several years. The coin belongs to a special set which is dedicated to the iconic UNESCO World Heritage site - Tower of London.

To qualify as a member of Yeoman Warders, one has to serve the British military for at least 22 years and hold the rank of warrant officer. The Yeomen of the Guard consisted of bodyguards of the monarch who protected kings or queens. King Henry VII believed that the Tower of London needed special protection and so the Royal Bodyguard was assigned a new task after which the Yeoman Warders were formed. It is not even possible to visit the Tower without the Warders.

The reverse side depicts a section of the ancient walls and a special Tower mint mark. The Mint Mark depicts the White Tower to establish the relationship between the Tower of London and The Royal Mint, which was located within the fortress for hundreds of years. Such a mintmark has been used for the first time by the Royal Mint.

The collection includes coins dedicated to Legend of the Ravens, Crown Jewels and Yeoman Warders. They are available in different versions and have a face value of five pounds, ten pounds, 25 pounds. The five-ounce gold proof coin with a face value of ten pounds is the most expensive one, at a price of 8,645 pounds.

Image Courtesy: The Royal Mint

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