New Taiwanese Postage Stamps Celebrate Works of Great Painters

19 Jun 2019  Wed

Chunghwa Post of Taiwan had released a special set of four new commemorative stamps in 2018 called “Modern Taiwanese Paintings Postage Stamps”. These stamps will be officially out for sale on 21st June. The stamps celebrate the works of highly talented Taiwanese artists. Two paintings from the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and two from the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts are featured on these stamps.

The first stamp features a painting called "Festival on South Street" that was created by Kuo Hsueh-hu in the 1930s. It shows a colourful and vibrant street highlighting the energetic festive vibes.

The second stamp depicts a painting called "Guitar" by Chang Yi-Hsiung that was created in 1956. The colourful abstract painting shows a guitar along with many other elements.

The third stamp shows a painting called "Studio" that was created in 1969 by Hsiao Ju-sung. The monochromatic painting shows elements of a studio with more emphasis on sharp lines and three flower vases.

The fourth stamp features a painting called "Ferry of the Egret" which was created by Chen Yung-sen in 1984. This is again an abstract painting in green and white hues showing an Egret walking over a mud pond full of flowers and floating leaves.

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Image Courtesy: Chunghwa Post

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