Nayakas of Madurai

17 Jun 2019  Mon

Nayakas of Madhurai ruled the region of Madurai under the lordship of Vijaynagar Kingdom. This dynasty was established by Vishwanatha, a devoted soldier of King Krishnadeva Rai. Viswanathan's father Nagama revolted against the Vijaynagar Kingdom, he was defeated by his son Vishwanathan. Krishnadeva Rai made Viswantha the lord of the Sothern throne and made him the Viceroy of Madurai. After, the fall of Vijaynagar Kingdom Madurai became an independent Kingdom.

The above-shown copper coin belongs to the Nayakas of Madurai. The obverse of this coin depicts a chariot which covers the whole flan within the line border. The reverse of this coin depicts a Telugu\Kannada legend ‘Ti ru ma la’ within the line border.

The weight of this coin is around 1.20 grams, it was sold by Oswal Auctions.

To know more about the Nayaks of Madurai click here. Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction

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