Silver Denier of Charles III

2019-06-14 Fri

Charles III, also known as Charles the simple and straightforward was the king of West Francia from 898 until 922 and the king of Lotharingia from 911 until 919/23. He was a member of the Frankish noble family, Carolingian dynasty.

Charles was the third and posthumous son of Louis the Stammerer by his second wife, Adelaide of Paris. He was passed over for the throne on the death of his half-brother, Carloman, in 884 or that of his cousin, Charles the Fat, in 888. On Jan. 28, 893, however, he was crowned king by Fulk, archbishop of Reims, as a rival to King Eudes (Odo); and, although he renounced his rights after civil war in 897, the death of King Eudes in the following year brought him general recognition as king.

The above shown silver Denier was issued during his reign. The obverse of a coin depicts the cross Pattee while the reverse of a coin has Karolus monogram.

Image Source: wikipedia.org