D-Day Stamps from Royal Mail

07 Jun 2019  Fri

Royal Mail issued a set of 11 stamps to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Six stamps are in three vertical se-tenant pairs and five are in a souvenir sheet highlighting the five beaches that were invaded during the mission. The souvenir sheet features the text D-Day: 75th Anniversary The Normandy Landings 6 June 1944”. An outline map of the beaches with the hour of the invasion “H-Hour” is also shown. The westernmost beach, Utah is featured on the first stamp from left. The next stamp features troops who were about to witness the most violent D-Day battles on Omaha Beach. The next one shows a picture of amphibious tanks getting ready to invade Gold Beach. The fourth stamp depicts troops of the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade landing on Juno beach with bicycles from a landing craft. The last stamp depicts the easternmost beach, Sword.

A se-tenant pair of non-denominated first-class stamps, a pair of £1.35 stamps and a pair of £1.60 stamps were also released. The upper stamp in the first pair features the text “British soldiers are briefed before embarkation”. It shows soldiers from No. 4 Commando, 1st Special Service Brigade, along with the commanding officer, Lt. Col. R. Dawson. The lower stamp in the pair features the text “HMS Warspite shelling in support of beach landings”. The upper £1.35 stamp features paratroopers of the British 6th Airborne Division getting ready, while the lower one shows commandos of HQ Special Service Brigade moving towards Juno. The upper £1.60 stamp features the text “An American light bomber provides air support” while the lower one features the text “British troops take cover as they advance inland”. The stamps depict a photo of the East Yorkshire Regiment that was taken on 19th July 1944.

The 11 stamps were designed by Baxter and Bailey. Photographs from the Imperial War Museums and other sources were used. They were printed by International Security Printers by lithography. Se-tenant Stamps were produced in sheets of 60 and sold in panes of 30. First Day covers, retail booklets, postcards and presentation packs containing D-Day stamps/stamp-designs along with related information are also available for purchase.

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Image Courtesy: The Royal Mail

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