Canada’s D-Day $2 Coins Enter Circulation

05 Jun 2019  Wed

On 27th May at the Moncton Garrison, the Royal Canadian Mint revealed the designs of standard and colourful versions of the circulating commemorative $2 coins to observe the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Moncton Garrison is the base for the 37 Canadian Brigade of the North Shore Regiment – one of the 13 Canadian regiments which landed at Juno Beach on 6th June 1944. These commemorative coins have now entered circulation.

The reverse side shows 3 Canadian soldiers taking guard behind their landing craft, ready to attack. Military ships and aircraft are depicted on the outer ring. Texts D-DAY/LE JOUR J, REMEMBER/SOUVENIR, and year date 2019 are also featured on this side of the coin. The obverse side depicts an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse side is designed by Canadian artist Alan Daniel while the obverse was designed by Susanna Blunt in 2003. Out of the 3 million coins that have been released, 2 million are coloured. Collector versions in special packaging and other metals are also available for purchase. Provisions are also made for the citizens to get their coins exchanged at different locations.

Canadian soldiers had joined the Allied forces to launch the largest seaborne invasion in military history at beaches of Normandy. This brave act is considered to be a turning point in World War II which resulted in the victory of Allied forces.

Image Courtesy: The Royal Canadian Mint

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