The last Emperor of the Heraclian Dynasty

04 Jun 2019  Tue

Justinian II was the last Byzantine Emperor of the Heraclian Dynasty. He ruled the Empire in two part from 685 to 695 and then from 705 to 711. The son and successor of Constantine IV, Justinian II was an ambitious and passionate ruler who was keen to restore the Roman Empire to its former glories.

> A pious ruler, Justinian was the first emperor to include the image of Christ on coinage issued in his name. His gold, silver, and copper coins were struck at Constantinople, Carthage, Sardinian, Syracuse, Rome, and Ravenna mint.

Depicted above is a gold Solidus issued during his first reign from Constantinople mint. The obverse of a coin depicted the half-length bust of Christ Pantocrator raising a right hand in a gesture of benediction, a book of Gospels cradled in left arm and legend in Latin around. The reverse of a coin portray the full-length figure of Justinian dressed in loros holding cross potent on steps in right hand and akakia in left.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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