Black Revolutionary War Patriots Commemorative Silver Dollar

30 May 2019  Thu

Black Patriots can be defined as African American people who were fighting with the colonist against British’s in the American Revolution War. The word Patriots also remind that the first Patriots who died in the war were African American man named Crispus Attucks. In the year 1770 CE Crispus Attucks was killed by the British’s in Boston Massacre.

More than 5000 people had participated in this Revolutionary War, and the liberty they fought for would be something only their descendants would enjoy. To honour black patriots and to celebrate 275 births anniversary of Crispus Attucks the United States of America had issued a commemorative Silver dollar in the year 1998. The obverse of his coin depicts the portrait of Crispus Attucks, the first patriot to be killed in the Revolutionary War. The reverse of this coin depicts Black Patriots Memorial.

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