1000 Reis Gold Coin – The Finest Coin of 18th Century!

2019-05-23 Thu

Stack’s Bowers American Numismatic Association auction will be organised from 13th to 16th August in Rosemont. One of the highlights of the auction is a 1000 Reis Gold coin from Brazil struck in 1752 at Lisbon Mint. Graded NGC MS-68+, it’s the finest of all coins struck in the 18th century.

The obverse side shows crowned coat of arms of Portugal, vertically aligned denomination“.1000.”, florets “.+++.”; Latin legend “IOSEPHUS.I.D(EI).G(RATIA).PORT(UGAL).REX.” which is translated to “Joseph I by the grace of God King of Portugal”. The reverse side depicts a cross, with a decorative quadrilobe around it, within a border; Latin legend “ET.BRASILIÆ.DOMINUS.ANNO.1752” which translates to “And ruler of Brazil Year 1752”. The edge features a tulip design that’s generally found on coins from Brazil and other parts of Central and South America. The strike is impressive, designs are crisp and each window in the seven castles can be seen. The surfaces feature even satiny lustre.

Image Courtesy: Stack’s and Bowers