Stamp of Princely State of Sirohi

17 May 2019  Fri

An Indian Princely State of British India, Sirohi, which means “Self respect” in other words the Rajputs of this state, may die for self-respect.

The royal family of Sirohi claims descent from King Prithviraj Chauhan of Delhi. This state lies in Southern Rajasthan, in the western slopes of ‘Siranwa’ hills. The Royal linage of Sihori belongs to Chauhans of Deora and was established by Rao Shereshthmal, son of Rao Sobha Ji in 1482 VS (1425 AD). It was the capital of Deora’s Clan Kingdom. During the reign of Rao Sahashmali, the Kingdom was attacked and conquered by the valiant Rana Kumbha of Mewar in 1452 AD.

But later in the 19th Century, the state of Sirohi suffered due to constant war with Jodhpur and hill tribes, so to tackle this problem they sought the protection of British East India Company in 1817 AD and became a Princely State in 1823 AD under Rajputana Agency.

The coinage and stamp of this state are rare but Sirohi State had also issued Judicial or Court fees stamps for the revenue collection or payment of the fees allotted by the state government. This stamp was in use from 1924 to 1941 AD.

The state of Sirohi near Mount Abu was referred to as Arbudaranya in Puranic tradition. It was a part of the powerful kingdoms like Mauryan, Khstrapas, Imperial Gupta, Vaisa Dynasty of Emperor Harsha, Solankis, Parmars and Chauhans of Jalor.

Sirohi according to Colonel Mellson “Is the one dominion in Rajaputana which maintained its Independence, not acknowledge the suzerainty of Mughals, Rathores and Marathas”.

After the Independent in 1947, the state of Sirohi stated the process to join the newly formed the Indian union and merged with Rajasthan state in 1949.

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