Cayman Islands 25 Dollars banknote of 1996

2019-05-14 Tue

The Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory, encompasses of 3 islands in the western Caribbean Sea. Grand Cayman, the largest island, is known for its beach resorts and varied scuba diving and snorkelling sites. Cayman Brac is a popular launch point for deep-sea fishing excursions. Little Cayman, the smallest island, is home to diverse wildlife, from endangered iguanas to seabirds such as red-footed boobies. The capital city is George Town, situated on Grand Cayman, by far the most populous of the three islands.

Caymanians have the highest standard of living in the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands GDP per capita is the 38th highest in the world. The Cayman Islands Dollar is the currency of the Cayman Islands. It is subdivided into 100 cents. It is the 9th-highest-valued currency unit in the world.

Today let’s see a 25 dollars banknote issued in the year 1996. The obverse has the portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II to right; the official Coat of Arms; treasure chest; sea shells. The reverse has the map of the Cayman Islands; coral; sea shells. This note has a Sea turtle as its watermark.

Image Courtesy: Miralot.com