50 Franc Note of Switzerland

13 May 2019  Mon

The Swiss National Bank has received Bank Note of the Year Award from the International Bank Note Society (IBNS) for 2016. This 50-franc note of Switzerland is the first new design of Swiss National Bank nearly in 20 years. It was printed in Orell Fussli Security Printing LTD. It is a fine example of the latest technology for security standards.

This green banknote uses three-layer substrate Durasafe@ technology. This note depicts dandelion seeds, a paraglide aloft in the mountain and a human hand. This is the first hybrid note to win the IBNS Banknote award.

In 2016 almost 120 banknotes were released worldwide, many of them were the new design. IBNS society selects the winner among this new release. Participates should be the member from four continents (Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia) with two Middle East countries and four Island Nations.

The runners up were the Maldives Islands 1000 rufiyaa, Argentina's 500 pesos and Royal Bank of Scotland's five Pound first polymer note.

IBNS in its 56th year has 2,000 members worldwide, its main objective is to promote, stimulate and study and collection of the information related to world Paper Money. Image courtesy: realbanknotes

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