Coinage of Heraclius

2019-05-20 Mon

Heraclius was a Byzantine Emperor (Eastern Roman Emperor) from 610 to 641 AD. He came to power through revolt against the oppressive Phocas. Heraclius strengthened the imperial administration and armies.

He was responsible for introducing Greek as the Byzantine Empire’s official language. His reign was marked by several military campaigns. The only regularly issued silver coin, Hexagram first issued by Heraclius in 615 which lasted until the end of the 7th century, minted in varying fineness with a weight generally between 7.5 and 8.5 grams.

The above shown 6.33 gm silver Hexagram of Constantinople mint belongs to his reign. The obverse of a coin portrays the Heraclius on left and Heraclius Constantine on right, seated facing on double-throne, each holding cross on the globe in the right hand, small cross above. The reverse has Cross-potent on a globe above three steps and legend ‘dEUS AdIUtA ROmANIS around.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions