Potter’s Wheel

18 May 2019  Sat

Pottery, the art of making pots out of burnt clay, is an ancient art. It is one of the most tangible and iconic elements of Indian art. The oldest evidence of pottery has been found in the early settlements of Lahuradewa and later the Indus Valley Civilization.

The ancient pottery of a country speaks volumes about its civilization. Potter’s wheel is a machine used in the shaping of round ceramic ware. Before the invention of the wheel, pots were shaped by coiling clay and then turning it repeatedly by hand.

In 2018 On the occasion of Republic day, two stamps were launched, which come with the denomination of Rs. 15 and Rs. 5. Both the stamps depict a potter giving wonderful transformation to a lump of clay.

On the other hand, the miniature sheet depicts a potter busy in making pottery and being observed by two children. The stamps also show a traditional scenic environment of a typical Indian village.

Image Source: http://www.istampgallery.com/

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