Abd al Mumin of Almohad Empire

16 May 2019  Thu

The Almohad Caliphate was a Moroccan Berber Muslim Empire founded in the 12th Century. Abd al Mumin was a first Caliph of the Almohad Empire from 1130 till his death in 1163. Abd al-Mumin extended his power over all northern Africa as far as Egypt. He is considered a national hero in Algeria.

During the reign, he issued gold Dinar and silver Dirham in round and square shapes. These coins were struck at Fas, Miknasa, Sabta, Marrakesh, Madinat Bidjaya, Madinat Ishbiliya, Qurtuba (Cordoba), and Djayan (Jaen) mints.

Depicted here is a gold half Dinar issued during his reign. The obverse of a coin depicts the Kalima ‘La Ilaha Illahu Muhammadur Rasulullah’(Allah is the only God, Muhammad is the messenger of God) within central square and Bismillah Ir Rahmanir Rahim, salla allah, ala muhammad, wa alihi al-tayyibin al-tahirin (in the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate, blessings be upon Muhammad and his Good and Virtuous Family) is depicted within a margin.

The reverse of a coin bears the inscription ‘al-mahdi imam / al-umma al-qa’im / bi-amr allah’ (al-Mahdi is the Prince of the Community, the Steadfast in the Command of God) within a Central square. ‘Abu muhammad ‘abd, al-mu’min ibn ‘ali amir al-mu’minin al-hamd lillah rabb al-‘alamin’ (Abu Muhammad ‘Abd al-Mu’min ibn ‘Ali Commander of the Faithful, Praise be to God, the Master of the Worlds) is depicted around in margin.

Image Source: Heritage Auctions

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