Airmail Stamps of Madagascar

27 May 2019  Mon

The airmail stamps of Madagascar were issued in the year 1935 for the first time.

An airmail stamp is a postage stamp intended to pay either an airmail fee that is charged in addition to the surface rate, or the full airmail rate, for an item of mail to be transported by air. The stamps used for this purpose are issued and used separately.

The stamps issued by the French post of Madagascar in the year 1935 were the first Airmail issue of the country. The stamps are very simple and were issued with 15 denominational values ranging from 50 centimes 50 francs.

The stamps depict an old-fashioned airplane hovering over the map of the country. The stamps are inscribed with the name of “Madagascar Airmail” on the top. The denomination value is inscribed at the bottom right corner.

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