Independence Day of Eritrea

24 May 2019  Fri

The Independence Day of Eritrea is one of the most important public holidays in the country. It is observed on May 24 every year. On this day in 1991, Eritrean People's Liberation Front forces moved into the capital Asmara, reinstating independence, following a 30-year war against the Ethiopian military regime.

Independence Day is always celebrated on May 24th of every year in Eritrea. But the festivities are a week-long leading up to May 24th so it is referred to as “Independence Week’’or qinyat natsnet. The week-long festivities are marked by carnivals, street performances, sporting competitions, cycling races, musical concerts, parades, tent parties and lots of unabashed flag-waving and displays of patriotism.

The Independence of Eritrea is celebrated by the Postage Administration. A set of 3 stamps were issued on 1st September 1991. Issued with the denominations of 5, 15, and 20 Ethiopian cents, these stamps are issued to celebrate the Independence of the Country after 30 Years Of Struggle. The stamps Depicts a young man holding the national flag.

Eritrea’s Independence Day is also celebrated by the diaspora communities who live outside the country. The diaspora communities tend to celebrate it on weekends to attract a larger crowd.

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