5 Francs Hercules Group Coin of France

19 May 2019  Sun

Issued in the year 1877, the 5 Francs Hercules Group Coin is one of the unique, beautiful examples of French Coinage.

This was a standard circulation coin issued in French Republic, before France joined the European Union and Euro became the sole currency. The coin was minted at Bordeaux which was one of the important mints of France. The description is as follows:

Obverse: Half-naked bearded Hercules, standing facing wearing lion skin around his waist. Liberty is seen standing on the left holding a spike surmounted by a hand of Justice and the Equality standing on the right holding the level. The exergue in inscribed with Dupre in cursive between two stars. Inscription: LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE Clockwise.

Reverse: A wreath in the centre inscribed with 5 / FRANCS in two lines with the year of issued 1877 below. The wreath has a laurel branch on left and an oak branch to the right tied at their base by a ribbon; below the knot the letter A appears. Inscription: REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE.

Image Courtesy: https://www.vcoins.com

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