Mughal Ruler Ahmad Shah Bahadur

2019-05-08 Wed

Ahmad Shah Bahadur was Mughal who ruled the remnants of Mughal Empire from 1748 CE to 1754 CE. He is also known with the name as Mirza Ahmad Shah or Mujahid-ud-Din Ahmad Shah Ghazi. He was the thirteen Mughal Emperor of India who sat on the throne at the age of 22.

Ahmad Shah Bahadur was son of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah; he sat on the Mughal throne after the death of his father in the year 1754 CE. When Muhammad Shah Bahadur sat on the Mughal throne the power of the Mughal Empire was collapsing. Ahmad Shah Bahadur is considered as a weak ruler of Mughal Emperor. He is characterized as a ruler with good nature, but he was not having the character of a good leader. This was one of the main reasons that eventually led to the rising of Feroze Jung III, who took advantage of his weakness, blinded him with his mother.

This gold mohur was issued by Ahmad Shah Bahadur from the mint Mustaqir-al-Khilafat Akbarabad during the second year of his reign. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with the name and title of the king. The reverse of this coin is inscribed with julus formula, mint name and regnal year.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction