Embroidery Stamp of Madeira

07 May 2019  Tue

Post Madeira issued a special stamp honoring the age-old fashion tradition of the country – the embroidery.

The hand embroidery of Madeira is generally recognized as being the finest of its kind available in the world and is part of the history and culture of Madeira. Over the last 150 years, Madeira has collected expertise from the fast disappearing regional centers of hand embroidery across Europe and molded these various styles into a distinctive package that, in terms of quality of handwork, is unsurpassed worldwide.

Although Madeira embroidery has existed since the beginning of the settlement of Madeira, the great history begins in the 1860s when Elizabeth Phelps, the youngest daughter of a wealthy wine shipper, set out to turn the rural pastime of simple embroidery into a cottage industry. Using her overseas connections and her own skills, she started to sell the work of the Madeiran embroiderers to the parlors of Victorian England.

Today, Madeira embroidery exports gained a worldwide dimension. Nowadays, the United States of America, England, and Italy are the main export markets of Madeira embroidery, internationally recognized for its refinement, art, and tradition.

The stamp issued by the Post of Madeira comes with the denomination of 45 Escudos. The stamp shows a delicately prepared piece of white embroidery on sky blue background. The stamp is inscribed with the names of the countries on the bottom left corner along with the denomination value.

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