Most Famous Hebrew Song on the Stamp of Israel

06 May 2019  Mon

Israel Post has issued a new stamp commemorating the most famous Hebrew song and most recognized of all Hebrew melodies namely “Hava Nagila”.
Though the song was born in Eastern Europe, Hava Nagila became one of the famous representations of the Jewish community and became the as a universal sacred song of the celebration.
“Hava Nagila” is not a song but a melody known as the song born without the words. This melody and the wordless tune became the song of hope in many Jews throughout the days of hardships.
The song was bound in words by the composer Zvi Idlesohn, which then performed for the first time in the year 1918. The song was written in many languages with the words “Hava Nagila” are common in all.
The bright philatelic item was issued in May 2019 and depicts people of different ages and races dancing to its energetic melody and tune.
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