American Legion 100th Anniversary

04 May 2019  Sat

The American Legion is the United States war veterans’ organization headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. This organization was formed on March 15, 1919, at the American Club near place de la Concorde in Paris.

This organization plays an important role in drafting and passing of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944. The non-partisan organization nation’s largest veterans group with nearly two million members in more than 12,000 posts throughout the United States. The membership of this organization is open to both men and women alike, regardless of the ethnic background and religious affiliation. This Organisation mainly focuses and put its efforts on four important areas: Veterans Affair and Rehabilitation, Child and Youth, National Security and Americanism. These are considered as four important Pillars of American Legion Service.

The United States of America had issued this commemorative silver dollar in the year 2019 to celebrate 100th anniversary American Legion.

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