Interesting Wildman Coins to be Auctioned

02 May 2019  Thu

Heidelberger Munzhandlung auction is going to offer 273 coins of Brunswick, including “Wildman” coins separately on 14th and 15th May in Germany. A marquee silver Wildman taler struck in 1659 for George William of Brunswick-Calenberg-Hanover, graded EF is being offered for an estimated value of €500. A gold Ducat Wildman coin issued in 1733 for Louis Rudolph of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Graded EF to Fleur de coin is being offered at an estimated value of €2,500.

Wildman coins feature a muscular, hairy beast wearing a loincloth of leaves. They are sometimes featured holding a tree-trunk, with a city or forest background. Wildman is a popular character that featured in traditional folklore and other art forms from the Harz Mountain region. Harz was known for its silver mining city of Wildemann. According to the famous legends, some miners were exploring mines in 1529 when they spotted a wild man who lived with a wild woman. The Wildman was captured and he finally succumbed to his injuries. It was reported that large silver ore deposits were found in the place where he lived. According to other stories, silver mines were protected by guardians who were killed before the mines were captured.

Some of the coins feature the Wildman as a heraldic supporter, and in most others, they are a part of the main design. Almost all Wildman coins were struck at Zellerfeld in the Harz.

Image Courtesy: Heidelberger Munzhandlung Auction

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