Coins Struck in the name of Muhammad Bin Muzaffar (Malwa Sultanate)

30 Apr 2019  Tue

After the death of Malwa governor Sauja’at Khan in the Hijri Year 962, the seat of provinces had moved from Mandu to Sarangpur. The successor of Sauja’at Khan, Miyan Bayazid got indulge in number if scramble to gain power. Later, he overcame all his rivals and sat on the throne of Mawla, under the title Baz Bahadur. Baz Bahadur died in the Hijri Year 965, after the fall of Mandu.

Coins in the name of Muhammad Bin Muzaffar were issued in Malwa from AH 962 till AH 964. So, these coins must have struck by Daulat Khan until the defeat by Baz Bahadur with his initial headquarters at Sarangpur. These coins were struck in the name of ‘Muhammad’.

Coins in the name of Muzaffar were issued in silver and copper. In silver denominations like Tanka and Half-Tanka were issued. In copper denominations like Falus and Half-Falus were issued. Both in Falus and Half-Falus there are two weight standards. Before weight Falus and Half-Falus were rages around 10g and 5 g, later weight if Falus and Half-Falus were reduced to 7.2g and 3.4g.

This silver tanka which was issued in the name of Muhammad bin Muzaffar weighs around 7.07g. This silver tanka was minted in Mandu during the Hijri year 963. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with a name and title Muhammad bin Muzaffar Shah. The reverse of this coin is inscribed with the mint name.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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