Rare Postage Stamps to be Offered At Rapp Auction

30 Apr 2019  Tue

The Rapp from Switzerland would be auctioning several interesting philatelic items on 22nd May. One of the highlights is a red revenue stamp issued by China in 1897 with an inverted surcharge, which is being offered at a starting bid of 30,000 Swiss francs (almost $29,450). When a postage stamp shipment was delayed, 3¢ red revenue stamps were overprinted with five denominations in two different styles. These overprinted stamps of early China have now become highly desirable among collectors.

The 3¢ red with the $5 surcharge is scarce, but the same stamp with an inverted surcharge is extremely rare. The offered stamp in unused condition has a slightly wet gum and one smaller perforation at the bottom. It was authenticated in 2019 by Martin Eichele of Briefmarkenprufstelle Basel. It has a listed market value of $140,000, but it’s difficult to value this stamp accurately.

Another interesting offering is an off-cover used pair of the 1843 10-centime black-on-yellow-green Geneva Coat of Arms stamp called the “Doppelgenf” or “Double Geneva”. A single stamp of this type was used to pay for local post delivery, while two of them were used to pay for postage inside the canton. There’s a message across the stamp which mentions the double charge. Sometimes, the stamps were cut in the post office in such a way that their positions were interchanged from left to right and vice versa. The explanation at the top was also accordingly rearranged. The used miscut pair has a listed market value of $60,000 and is being offered at a starting bid of $24,540.

Image Courtesy: The Rapp Auctions

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