New Security Features Introduced by Crane Currency and De La Rue

30 Apr 2019  Tue

On 21st March, Crane Currency introduced new security features for banknotes called Motion Detect and Rapid Detect that would be invisible to the human eye. They use micro-optic technology and infrared light or transparent material that can be identified by a machine. They cannot be duplicated by even highly skilled counterfeiters. It’s a secure combination of an IR light or transparent material from the micro-optics and an IR dark feature. It is invisible to the eye but visible in IR. Moreover, these materials are compatible with most machines.

On 21st April, De La Rue introduced a customizable, holographic security thread named “PureImage”. They offer secure designs, durability, clear imagery, and bold movement. Users can easily authenticate the notes using this feature. The thread maintains its brightness even in the harsh conditions. It’s machine-readable and includes ultra-violet fluorescence. It can be up to 6 millimetres wide and can be applied to all designs and denomination in a set of banknotes.

Image Courtesy: Crane Currency

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