Ellsworth Kelly Paintings on US Stamps

26 Apr 2019  Fri

A set of 10 non-denominated Forever Stamps featuring popular works of artist Ellsworth Kelly, will be released on 31st May. The first-day ceremony will begin at 11 pm at Ellsworth Kelly’s studio in Spencertown, N.Y. Important delegates from USPS and the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation will be present at the event. The stamps will be issued in a pane of 20.

Born on 31st May 1923, Ellsworth Kelly was an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker known for his hard-edge, Color Field paintings and minimalism. He focussed on lines, colours and forms and was inspired by John McLaughlin and Kenneth Noland. His abstract paintings were based on real elements which were reduced to their essential forms.

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Image Courtesy: USPS

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