First Stamps of Macau

23 Apr 2019  Tue

The first stamps issued for Macau appeared on 1st March 1884.

In the early twentieth century, the "Letters" at that time began to take on telegraph and telephone services and later changed its name to the Post and Telecommunications Division. During this period, the Postal Savings Bureau was also established.

First stamps of Macau have issued with the denominations 5 reis, 10 reis, 20 reis, 25 reis, 40 reis, 50 reis, 100 reis, 200 reis, and 300 reis. The stamps were issued with the common "Portuguese crown" in the center within a circular vignette.

The vignette is inscribed with the name of the country and spiral design along with intricate design at four corners. The stamp also shows “CORREIO” at the top and the denomination at the bottom. All of this is within a square border.

Later these stamps were used with the overprints.

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